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Skål Month 2021 Presentations

05/26/2021 12:57:19 In Corporate News
Take a look at the Skål Month 2021 Presentations that some clubs or National Committees have shared.

May'21 Notes from the Editor

05/26/2021 09:56:13 In Corporate News
In the northern hemisphere, we are getting ready to welcome the Summer! For many, this represents the sea, sun, sand, and some vacation time!

May'21 Message from the CEO

05/25/2021 15:43:54 In Corporate News
The “light at the end of the tunnel”, wanting “the world to come back to life” or the need to “adapt to the new normal” while also “taking up new activities”...

Skål Sustainable Tourism Awards 2021

05/25/2021 13:40:29 In Skål International News
Win a free year's subscription to the Biosphere Sustainable Lifestyle platform with the Skål International Awards 2021.

The pioneers of Skål International in 1930’s

05/24/2021 17:48:13 In Corporate News
The enthusiasm shown by the ‘pioneers’ as they increased, in the short space of four months, from five to eighty members, was wonderful.

Webinar 'Planning for a safe restart of the tourism industry'

05/24/2021 16:18:49 In Resource Centre
With an extensive global vaccination programme, the tourism industry is preparing to reopen. But is your business prepared for a safe return to business?

How to manage your virtual audience as we shift back to in-person meetings

05/24/2021 15:19:37 In Corporate News
Given the successes with virtual conferences, associations are still looking at keeping a virtual audience in conjunction with the in-person audience once we get back to in-person conferences. How do we manage this?

Determination and Resilience, the foundation for success among Skål International travel advisors

05/24/2021 14:27:28 In Corporate News
For many of us, the global Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption to our professional lives.

Mourning Peter Nedomansky

05/24/2021 13:28:26 In Clubs News
Our club Skål International Wien has lost one of its greatest members, Peter Nedomansky, Membre d’Honneur, has died in March 2021 and left us with great emptiness; he turned 90 in August last year.

May'21 Council Corner

05/24/2021 13:28:18 In Corporate News
The International Skål Council has met three times this year via Zoom with between 85-90% of Councillors in attendance.

May'21 Message from the President

05/24/2021 13:28:15 In Corporate News
I came across this article in a Tourism trade publication, reproduced from the New York Times, and I thought it was quite timely, so I invite members to read it as well.

Skål International at FITUR 2021

05/19/2021 08:57:31 In Skål International News
Skål International, at FITUR 2021, with a great agenda of events on behalf of Daniela Otero, CEO of the organisation.

National activities of Skål International Mexico Apr-May’21

05/18/2021 14:58:28 In Clubs News
Skål International México confirms nationwide activities that took place over the last few weeks between the 23 clubs:

‘Tour of The World in 800 Minutes’, by Skål International Palermo

05/18/2021 14:58:46 In Clubs News
Digital marathon to discover some of the most beautiful destinations.

Changes in Talent Needs in the Hospitality Industry Globally

04/27/2021 09:32:35 In Resource Centre
The Özyeğin University School of Applied Sciences and Skål International Turkey National Committee organises the webinar ‘Changes in Talent Needs in the Hospitality Industry Globally - Current updates after Covid-19 Pandemic'.

Skål International USA continues its highly successful Educational Webinar Series

04/27/2021 00:07:14 In Clubs News
2020 featured executive from major Tourism Association - 2021 offers even more.

Skål International Tampa Bay March meeting

04/26/2021 22:56:52 In Clubs News
Skål International Tampa Bay held its March meeting at the historic 'Don Cesar' hotel.

Skål International San Francisco first in-person meeting in 2021

04/26/2021 22:29:49 In Clubs News
Skål International San Francisco held its first in-person meeting last on April 1st, at the Cafe Bastille Restaurant.